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Extensive Portuguese Course III

Total course hours

285 - 18 or 19 weeks.
Classes are held from Monday to Friday.


Viva! Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros – volume 3, 1st edition, Claudio Romanichen, Curitiba, Positivo Publisher; the History book 1808, Globo Livros Publisher; the Grammar book Como Está o seu Português?, 1st edition, Maria Harumi Otuki de Ponce, São Paulo, Hub Publisher.


At the end of the course, it is expected that the student will be able to understand longer conversations and the main points of the TV news as well as other informative TV programs. To achieve a better understanding and interpretation of written texts. The students will also be able to write a text with adequate vocabulary to inform or show their concerns about the pros and cons about a specific subject. Discuss the labor market and the profiles of national and international companies taking into consideration their cultural differences. The students will have the capacity of interacting easily and naturally in some conversations with local native speakers. They may actively take part in discussions for social and professional purposes.
→ According to the European Reference Grid for Foreign Languages: B2/C1 (according to the students’ nationality and their performance on the course).

Content Description

Portuguese Language Study

Among other topics: revision of regular and irregular verbs in the indicative and subjunctive tenses; imperative; passive voice; the syntax of concordance; suffixes and prefixes; derivation process of word formation; reported speech; relative clauses; particularities of Portuguese formal writing;

Brazilian history, literature, culture and updates

The teaching includes daily political and economic issues in Brazil and important literature masterpieces in Portuguese. The course will cover various areas, such as, technology, art and culture, life- style, tourism, sports, the reading texts by famous authors from Brazilian and Portuguese literature. A Trip in Literature with Manuel Bandeira; Brazilian Pop Rock – the beauty of poetry converted into music;The History of Brazilian soap operas; visit to museums; Brazilian Cookery - students prepare a typical Brazilian dish and enjoy it with the typical ‘caipirinha’ and ‘guaraná’. Vocabulary improvement and lots of language practice. And also: Learning through Drama. This class provides an endless amount of opportunities for students’ personal growth, improvisation and lots of group discussion. At the end of the course, students act out a play.

Requirement for the registration

Placement written test and interview with the Pedagogical Coordinator. Courses are subjected to a minimum number of enrolments.

Aula de Gastronomia

Cooking Class

Aula de Dança

Dance Class